3M Health Care Particulate Respirator and Surgical Masks.

Respirator and Surgical Masks

We are working closely with different 3M dealers/distributors/agents/resellers.
We don’t work with agent-on-agent deals, meaning that we want to be able to discuss straight with the end buyer.
You as an agent are of course welcome to join this discussion, but we need to be sure that you have direct contact with the end customer, not with another agent. The reason is simply that if there are too many agents involved, the deal takes a too long time to secure.

We always start with sign a NCNDA with all people involved so we can speak direct to the buyer or buyers mandate!

In summary, prepare to answer these questions first:
1. Can you sign a NCNDA between all parts?
2. Are you the buyer or do you have direct contact with the buyer?
3. Are you ready to provide information to all entity’s involved from you to the buyer (including their e-mails) so we can e-sign our NCNDA with all parties involved in the deal?
4. Will you be able to provide all the necessary documents stated in our different deals? (templates will be sent to you)
5. Are you aware that all discussion regarding commission/IMFPA will be made after step 1, 2, 3and 4, NOT BEFORE.

If yes, then we will be happy to support you in the purchase of the products.

Procedure overview
1. Tracking document for all people involved in the deal.
2. NCNDA with buyer and buyer mandate.
3. Buyer Mandate Authorized letter.
4. LOI
5. LOA

All documents need to be updated and maximum 2days old.

We have both production and stock/spot deals, all deals are only proposed when we know the seller or seller’s mandate.

The commission may vary. The most common commission is 10% and will be split differently depends on the deal. It will usually be paid straight from the 3M dealer but sometimes the buyer needs to pay. The disbursement will be regulated in an IMFPA agreement signed by all of us.